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The Attento Learning Collaborative provides a modern approach to counselor education, grounded in innovation, creativity, and a shared passion for mental wellness advancement. Our unparalleled curriculum richly expands counselors' clinical skills, awareness & ability to make an impact on their clients. 

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Talking to Trauma

Oftentimes clients who have experienced trauma are referred out to clinicians who specialize in EMDR/PTSD. While ethically sound, this practice often leaves traumatized clients on long wait lists or simply unable to find a clinician comfortable working with their history or symptoms. This training will empower clinicians with psycho education about how trauma is stored in the brain, offer valuable and trauma-informed resources, somatic approaches, and preparatory mindfulness exercises to help clients prior to specialized treatment such as EMDR. Clinicians will develop a strong foundational understanding of how to work with the traumatized nervous system, offer resources for somatic healing, and ways to support their client prior to and/or during their specialized treatments.

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